WordPress Internal Server Error

Wordpress internal server error coding example

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What causes WordPress Internal Server Error?

WordPress Internal Server Error is a very common error that occurs when you are running a WordPress website. This error usually arises when a new theme or plugin is installed on your WordPress website. This type of error is also most often caused by a corrupt user profile or by problems in the configuration of your web host. It can also mean that your web host has been hacked into and compromised. Along with this error, you will also see a blank page in the browser where the WordPress site should be displayed.

What Causes WordPress Not Sending Email Error?

WordPress by default uses the SMTP server installed on the underlying computer server that hosts your WordPress installation. With that in mind, here are a few reasons why WordPress might be failing to deliver your email:

  • There’s a good possibility you’re having problems sending email from WordPress because your underlying SMTP server isn’t configured correctly

  • You’re getting a bad reputation from senders on a shared server

  • Mail providers are banning your mail for some other reason.

Whatever the reason for WordPress’s inability to send email, we have the quickest solution to get your WordPress emails into your inbox.


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Fixing the dreaded WordPress Internal Server Error

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